Look at Him Run! : Motion Mural Panel

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As an early birthday present, my good buddy purchased a 2.5 hour mural panel painting class for me at the Kirkland Arts Center here in Washington. It was the first local at class I’ve participated in but it was a lot of fun.

We were given large white panels with figures outlined on them. The figures, when lined up next to one another, represent frames of animation. When the project is displayed in the neighborhood, the character will seem to run and do a flip.We were assigned different vibrant colors for the figures and the backgrounds but all of the detail work was left up to our imaginations. The instructor had been inspired by artwork by an architect (his name escapes me) that had a lot of geometric shapes along with figures in a similar style.

For my fellow, I stuck with geometric shapes — mostly circles. I kind of wanted them to seem like bubbles and I purposely left a blank area at the top to imply that the circle “bubbles” were heading up. I wanted my figure to have some more rectangular shapes in his silhouette to contrast the background which ended up giving him a sort of tribal look in the end.

After the panels are installed I’ll see if I can go snap a quick pic to share for another blog post.

Lots of fun overall (besides the hunching over the panel for long periods of time bit). I definitely recommend looking into taking a quick little class at an art center or college. You never know what you might end up creating or what you might get to be a part of!

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That look like it was a ton of fun! I look forward to seeing the finished product with all of the other mural pieces.

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