Get Creative With an Art Box!

My first sketchbox

Uh oh. My blog almost flat-lined! It’s been quiet since last summer after I posted about my trip to Costa Rica. So quiet. I guess I fell off the face of the planet. Whoops. Not really a part of my plan but stress and time-eaters got the better of me I suppose. Consistent blogging will be something I set aside more time for this year. I mean, if I don’t blog, how can I tell you about one of my new favorite things?

Art Subscription Boxes!

I had seen them in ads on Facebook and other places before but I hadn’t thought much about them. Then I found myself in sort of a slump creatively, remembered them, and thought maybe they would help get my creative juices flowing.

I took a look at one in particular called Sketchbox and thought I’d try it out.


I bought 3 of them upfront initially last year, but you can get a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel at any time.  They have two versions you can get– a basic box ($25) and a premium box ($35). The premium version has some higher quality versions of the monthly supplies to try out so I thought maybe I would give those a shot.

I really love the stuff they send and most of my recent art projects were made with supplies from the boxes. They provide things that aren’t always easy to find in your regular art stores.

My first SketchBox art project

Wanna try ’em out? You can order them here.

SketchBox is definitely not the only art box out there, though. There are all kinds for different art levels, budgets, and target audiences. You can search for art boxes online to find some other options if you want a fun way to get inspired for your next art project!


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