Death’s-Head Moth on Sandstone

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Enjoy this spooky death’s-head moth art on your desk or shelf! Death’s-head hawkmoths are famous for the eerie human-skull-shaped pattern found on their backs. They’re found throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia.

  • #4 in the Bugs on Rocks Series
  • Painted with acrylic gouache directly on a rosey-tan mini sandstone canvas
  • Sandstone canvas split and cut in northern Arizona
  • Dimensions: ~ 4″x 4″ and ~ 5cm thick.
  • Mini wooden easel included for easy display (art displayed on easel sits at about 5.5″ tall)

*CARE INSTUCTIONS*— This art piece is fragile– similar in fragility to ceramic. Please handle and display with care. Do not spray with water or soak. Not intended for use as a coaster.


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Additional Info

4" x 4"

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