Zombie Miley Takes Over the World

I was recently thinking about the crazy styles in pop culture now and all of the celebrities who make them popular and I remembered this quick digital painting I made of a zombie Miley Cyrus a number of months ago. My good friend and creative writer over at www.sarcasticanne.com made a quick comment to me about writing a funny story about zombie Miley Cyrus. In this story Miley uses her twerking and fame to take over the world with her undead army. I mean, why wouldn’t she?! It totally seems plausible. The idea stuck with me for a while and I whipped up a cartoony decomposed pop princess to share with the world. Ever wished you could see a celebrity as a zombie? Of course you have. I know I’m silly for even asking!

Who would you want to see as a zombie and what would their zombie tale be?

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