Ever Make Your Own Halloween Costume? (plus Halloween GIVEAWAY)

dressed in drag as my parents
megaman halloween costume
The mega man costume! I burnt my fingers with hot glue so many times making that helmet. Aaah memories.


I always look forward to Halloween. I don’t generally care too much about the horror stuff but like the fun of carving pumpkins and dressing up. I really enjoyed making my own Mega Man costume (a video game character) from scratch my last year of college and then my fiance and I dressed up in drag as my parents the next year.   I haven’t been great about finding time to make a costume the last couple of years or even do much of anything besides play scary video games and eat candy, but I still love when the holiday comes around. 

One thing I really love is seeing the fun and scary costumes people come up with. I find that a lot of people are hesitant to get creative or do artwork during the rest of the year, but they seem more open to sharing their imaginations and having fun with making Halloween costumes. Some people come up with the coolest things!

dressed in drag as my parents
My dad and mama on the left, me and my fiance on the right

As a kid, I remember a lot of my Halloween costumes (and my siblings’ costumes) being built from a bunch of random stuff. We have a picture in our family photo album of my older brother when he was a little boy completely wrapped in toilet paper. He was of course a super rad toilet paper mummy.

My first Halloween memory was when I was about 4 or 5. My parents dressed me up like Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings and my brother (7 years older and much taller than me) was Gandolf the Grey. My dad had found my brother a huge gnarled up root shaped like a wizard staff.  It was awesome. The nice old lady down the street with the giant weeping willow tree even knew exactly who were when we knocked on her door (my 4 year old self had no idea who Frodo was but was thrilled someone else did *laughs*).

Lots of fun Halloween memories. I hope to make some new fun memories this upcoming Halloween!

Update 10/12/15- 

And the randomly selected winners of the glowy skulls are… Super Cool Hulie and Lisa Severian! Winners will be contacted privately for more info. Thanks for everyone who participated. I look forward to doing more giveaways in the future. Stay tuned!

 The mini 8″x10″ glow-in-the-dark skull art giveaway entry questions!
glow-in-the-dark skull painting
Daytime (left) In the Dark (Right)

Leave a comment answering any (or all) of the questions below and make sure you’ve signed up to my free email newsletter to qualify.  

I’m giving away 2 paintings to 2 random commenters. I’ll be choosing and announcing the winners on my Facebook Business Page on October 12th, 2015 around 6pm (PST) and contacting winners via email. *update 10/12/15- the contest has finished and winners have been notified*

Q1) What fun/cool/silly/awesome costume have you made for a Halloween outing or have you known someone else who made a neat costume? Tell me about it.

Q2) What is your favorite Halloween memory?

Q3) What do you like doing the most on Halloween?


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My favorite Halloween memory is when my mother took my brother and I trick-or-treating. It was really cold so I was a bundled up witch. My brother was a vampire, and his friend that tagged along was a werewolf. My brother and mother were to lazy to walk up this hill to a really nice, well decorated home that I expected to get tons of candy from. With much convincing I finally lured the werewolf up the hill with me. We reached the house and went through the trick-or-treat protocol. As we were leaving a deranged scarecrow flew out of the bushes and demanded that we give up all of our candy. My would be protector who was 6 years older than me screamed, dropped his bag, and ran away leaving me to fend for myself, which I did. I decided to go down swinging. I laid into that man eventually beating him to the ground with my hefty candy bag. Did I mention that I was 6 years old? Well he definitely learned his lesson, and his wife told him that he got what he deserved when she came out and gave me more candy.

Hahaha! Oh my goodness, that’s hilarious! What an awesome story. Thank you for sharing it– you have been entered into the mini glow skull giveaway on Oct.12th. 🙂 What a tough little 6 year old you were!

There was that one time Ray and I went as Sun Ce and Zhen Ji from Dynasty Warriors. I’m not particularly crafty, but we managed to find a lot of lovely thrift store treasures to alter via chopping with scissors. Ray even brought his stuffed tiger along to represent the Wu clan. 🙂 A few years before that, we were Ash and Misty. This year, since I teach 7th grade math, I told my mom that I didn’t have time to make a costume, but I’d definitely wear anything she gave me. She ended up sending me a “pumpkin pi” costume, which I am obsessed with. I still need to upload a decent picture of it. Are you dressing up this year? You could always just be Mega Man again, that was definitely a classic.

I remember those costumes! I loved seeing your pictures of your Dynasty Warriors and Pokemon costumes! You guys are so fun. Thrift stores are great for finding stuff to make Halloween costumes. That’s where I got a lot of my stuff for my Mega Man costume. The helmet base was a slightly dented boy’s baseball helmet that I covered in cardboard and material. haha Oh! I want to see “pumpkin pi”! That sounds hilarious.

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to come up with a new costume this year because I’m going to be moving to a new place at the end of the month. You’re right though, I could always be Mega Man again. Mega Man has a million sequels. 😉

Thanks again for the comment. You’ve been entered into the GIVEAWAY drawing for the glow skull.

🙂 Most of my costumes are homemade or at least collected and pieced together. Last year I was a cat and my prego belly was a kitten! That was pretty adorable IMO.

One of my favorite Halloween memories was from middle school; my mother tried giving me a short hair cut so I could spike it though she only knew how to do the cut she did on my dad… Only good thing to come from it was I got to be Harry Potter for my Halloween party. Then Ritchie broke his ankle running around my house lol… It was fun times.

:3 I have tons of little niece/nephew/cousins and now a daughter!! My favorite part of Halloween is their adorable creative weirdness & cuteness.

Haha The cat & kitten costume sounds so cute! How great that your haircut fit into your cool Harry Potter costume. 😀 Yeah, I love seeing little kids having fun with Halloween, too. No matter what they wear they are adorable.

Thank you for commenting! You have been entered into the GIVEAWAY drawing for the small glow skull painting.

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